A few words about the idea of Frutex Tracks

Hanno Busch

Since I consider myself an artist and educator mainly, it's obvious that Frutex Tracks - being a one-man-company without any employees -  can't offer real label work. I see Frutex Tracks more like a community of self-releasing independent artists.

The music industry has gone through some huge changes, meaning nowadays smaller scale artists don't necessarily need a label, for some it may be even true that they can't afford a label. As a result, many artists have started releasing their music independently. In the process of self-releasing there is still a lot of work to do and - with the constant changes of the industry - always a lot to learn. After a few years of releasing my own music and many hours of talking to other artists struggling with the same issues, I had the idea to offer my label as a platform for a manageable small group of artist-friends, so that not everybody has to build these structures of making CDs and vinyl records, digital distribution, promotion, physical distribution, etc. for themselves.

So, here we are, working hard to be able to release our music, opening our hearts and souls in order to reach yours. If our music is interesting to you and if you can relate to the effort and intention behind it, the best thing you can do - besides listening to the music and perhaps letting us know how you feel about it - is to buy some records! Thanks for your support and enjoy the music!

Foto by Meike Kenn