Hofer Busch Held

Austrian bass player Julia Hofer (Vienna),
German guitar player Hanno Busch (Cologne) and
German drummer Tobias Held (Hamburg)

Founded in 2022 this project is driven by the longing for a continuous working band that developes musical ideas as a collective out of improvised sessions.
Some music needs lyrics, so there’s instrumental tracks as well as songs where the voices of Hofer and Busch add up to a modern indie pop sound. In addition to the band’s sound consisting of electric guitar, electric bass, drums and vocals the MPC (Akai’s well known sampleplayer, avidly used in Rap/ Hip Hop and Electronic Music) joins as a fourth musician now and then. This urban
electronic element rounds up the bands sound with a modern flavour to the traditional trio with it’s roots in improvised music and pop.