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Hanno Busch Trio

Veröffentlichung: 26.09.2014
Format: Audio CD
Katalognummer: FT003CD


  1. Wheel
  2. Steward's Theme
  3. Home
  4. Not Home
  5. Skizze 1
  6. Remote Control
  7. Maxi 1
  8. Absent


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Hanno Busch - guitar
Claus Fischer - bass
Jonas Burgwinkel - drums

 composed & produced by Hanno Busch

Recorded and mixed by
Phil Kullmann at Raw Artistic Productions, Cologne

Mastered by
Sascha "Busy" Bühren, Truebusyness Musicproductions, Berlin

Fotos by Lena Semmelroggen

Artwork by Daniel F. Hirth


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Busch wrote the songs for his debut during several years, searching for the right balance between pattern oriented atmospheres and song structures on the one hand and a free attitude based on improvisation and experiment on the other. Not unlike in modern electronic music, Busch got a lot of inspiration from his setup that is centered around analog gear by Moog. This vision of a modern, electro-influenced sound also contributed to hiring sound engineer Phil Kullmann (Raw Artistic Productions) who has worked extensively not only in jazz, but also house, world Music and pop productions. And the search for that special sound continued with Sascha "Busy" Bühren's mastering and Daniel Krieger's vinyl cut, both top notch in their respective fields.
"Absent" is a debut album that radiates all these witty choices and a  big love for detail. Extremely atmospheric compositions, sophisticated musical textures and powerful rhythmical patterns come together with a band who carries away the listener with its sheer musical enthousiasm and unique sound. And it is one of the miracles on this album that these three completely different and highly profiled musicians have joined forces to form a very diverse and yet extremely homogenous combination. There is certainly a lot of virtuosity at work, but never for its own sake. Finally, you cannot help but ask yourself what exactly you are listening to: This music sounds phantastic, with beautiful melodies and a euphoric power: it must be pop. But this music, at the same time, is also based on great freedom, a finely tuned playfulness and a lot of improvisation: it must be jazz. But in the end, this might be a boring and irrelevant question. Because it is much more thrilling to just listen to this album that speaks for itself: ABSENT.